Our staff here at California Sound Studios really sets an example for the ideal staff at an Audio Engineering school. There are many people that impact the success of our program, but the person who is owed the most gratitude is Frank D. Wright for his involvement in the development and maintenance of our educational program at California Sound Studios.

At age 9, Frank D. Wright began playing the guitar when his mother enrolled him in music lessons. Just 7 years into practice, at age 16, Frank recorded with the great Sonny and Cher. Other great music groups he has played with include Chicago, American Breed, and Kansas. He received his Master of Arts degree from the Chicago Conservatory of Music, taking training in Classical Guitar, the Keyboard, the Trumpet, and Vocals. He would later receive his degree in audio and video engineering and would work with record labels such as ABC Records, A&M Records, Geffen, Interscope, Cherokee Records, Filmways-Hyder, WEA, and the Warner Bros before finding his home at Wright Records.

Since then, Frank has turned his attention to the perfection of his craft. Frank believes that if you cannot teach a complicated subject simply, then you do not know the subject well enough; That is why Frank is our MVP! Sign up for our 4-week Audio Engineering program and receive instruction from Frank D. Wright as well as our other master engineers. What are you waiting for? You won't find instruction from a Great at a price as affordable as ours!

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