Schools and programs teaching digital audio engineering have emerged on our surface since the 1970s and have been making their statement in mainstream media ever since. Some were more successful than others while some barely managed to hold on. What makes us different from all other schools and programs is that our workshops and lessons have been and are still instructed by our certified engineers and our creative director, Frank D. Wright.

Our program offers the students and workshop participants the opportunity to receive face to face instruction from a Veteran in the music industry who has played the guitar since nine and worked with artists such as Sonny and Cher and Chicago. Follow Frank on a tour through our office and listen as he explains how to use, produce, mix, master, and own the rights to your own art. To those interested in the audio engineering field, you want to take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE offer.

Join us at 6-8 pm this Saturday, January 28th at California Sound Studios to take part in this one of a kind workshop. Because of the exclusiveness of this offer, spots are limited. Reserve your spot right now to make sure you don't miss out on your opportunity to participate!


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