On Saturday, January 28th, we at California Sound Studios hosted our free EXCLUSIVE Audio Engineering Workshop. To our expectations, the Workshop was a great success and doubled as a showcase for our possession of knowledge in the background of Audio Engineering and our high-ranking level of instruction. To our surprise, the number of participants exceeded our expectancy and some viewers stood in the back as our veteran guitar player, Frank, and our master audio engineer, Dennis, lead the workshop.

The audience watched and listened with concentration to the words of wisdom that were shared by both Frank and Dennis. Many agreed that the workshop was both very informative as well as eye opening to all of the hints and tricks to the craft of Audio Engineering. Participants were greeted as they entered our recording studios and were given an introductory lecture. Following the lecture came a chance to view Frank and Dennis collaborate LIVE and create a track as Dennis taught the viewers some of the basics of how to use ProTools 11. To finish the night, participants received an exclusive 20% discount on our 4-week program.

We welcome and INVITE everyone to come participate in our workshops. Our workshop's purpose is to introduce and familiarize our future students with exactly what our program is and how our program will put you three levels above your competition. The benefits are limitless, unknown victories, but it all starts with you. Do you want to be the hot new artist that everyone around you admires and envies? Well sign up today and achieve your dream of becoming a thriving, successful Audio Engineer and enable yourself to create a Masterpiece.

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