Unknown to many people, the career field of Audio Engineering is booming and the job opportunities are increasing significantly. In the next decade, these job opportunities are expected to rise a minimum of ten percent, creating over 9,000 new jobs. Also unknown to people are the steps of how to become a professional Audio Engineer until now.

So you must be wondering: an audio engineer must have some special certification or license that he received from going to college, right? Wrong. You do not actually need to have a piece of paper from some fancy university that is asking you to pay an outrageous amount of money in exchange for minimal instruction. That's right. You do NOT need to be licensed to be a sound engineer. However, this does not mean you are exempt from the training, but it does mean is that you can take your money elsewhere that is not charging you an arm and a leg and is giving you a great quality education. The average educated sound engineer without a degree or license is getting paid on average $26.60 per hour. That means on average, Audio Engineers make over $55k per year.

You're probably asking yourself at this point: if I am not supposed to go to a university to get this education, then where can I go? The answer is California Sound Studios. We are a one stop shop for music creators to expand their knowledge of music production and take their skills to the professional level. At California Sound Studios, we will teach you how to mix, master, produce, advertise, publish, distribute and own the rights to your music.
Sign up with us today and join our 4-week Audio Engineering Education program. If you would like to participate, it is urgent that you sign up as soon as possible because spots are limited and time is running thing. Help us take YOU to the next level, and start living your dream as an Audio Engineer.


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Schools and programs teaching digital audio engineering have emerged on our surface since the 1970s and have been making their statement in mainstream media ever since. Some were more successful than others while some barely managed to hold on. What makes us different from all other schools and programs is that our workshops and lessons have been and are still instructed by our certified engineers and our creative director, Frank D. Wright.

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The 89th annual Academy Awards' nominations were announced in Los Angeles, California on the morning of January 24, 2017. Nominations were cast for numerous categories, including Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

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Register NOW! FREE WORKSHOP on January 28th - We will be going over our 4 week engineering course. If you want to be a professional in the music industry, you don't want to miss out!!

YOU DON'T want to miss out!! Come learn from Legendary Frank D. Wright, formerly of Chicago, Sonny & Cher and Kansas. January 28th we are hosting a FREE WORKSHOP between 6-8pm. RSVP at -

Sign up now! Free Workshop on January 28th, RSVP now at - SEATS ARE LIMITED!!

Register now for our free workshop, on January 28th - Seats are limited - RSVP at

Free Workshop on January 28th, Seats are Limited - RSVP @

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